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My name is Richie Krause. I

  • am twenty-one years old, born on January seventeenth.
  • am California raised.
  • am straight.
  • am a barista at Peet’s Coffee & Tea.
  • am addicted to coffee.
  • have an identical twin brother.
  • live with 7 other people. Lizzie, Jamie, Alexis, Colety, Dan, Cory, and also Brandon, my twin.
  • moved out the day I turned eighteen.
  • have three cats, each with their own personality.
  • used to drive a Ford Excursion, now I drive a Jeep.
  • love music. I’m mostly into edm, but also listen to rock, metal, indie, acoustic, jazz, etc. I love Frank Ocean and I don’t have much interest in country.
  • have been playing guitar for nine years, drums and piano for about eight. I also played clarinet for five years in grade school. I like to make music on the computer, using mostly Reason and Ableton. I actually enjoy learning music theory.
  • love photography. I go everywhere with my Canon Rebel Xsi, and once in a while my Minolta X-700 film camera tags along.
  • went to Santa Rosa Junior College, but am now on a leave due to not know what the fuck to do with my life.
  • love adventures. That doesn’t mean I don’t like to stay in bed all day though.
  • freely post whatever’s going on inside my head, whether it’s related photography, espresso, adventures, girls, games, school, high epiphanies, music, my mac, etc.

I don’t take credit for many of the pictures that I post, I give credit to the original posters. The pictures that are mine I will link to flickr, or say otherwise. Give and take credit to those who deserve it!

Anything else you wanna know? Message me.